The Art of Balance

Yoga is one of my favorite workouts of the week. The gymnast in me loves the stretching, and the OCD nut job in me knows I need the breathe in, breathe out, let it go, be one with the universe mentality that yoga requires. I do my yoga DVD in the dark and it’s magical. Yoga, of […]

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big dreamin’

The inevitable has happened. Between my hours of Facebook stalking (boy, ain’t technology great?), I stumbled across a posting for a house that was available for sale or rent. Just out of pure curiosity, I clicked on the link. Bad decision. This. House. Is. Perfect. It’s big–almost three times the total square footage of our current […]

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Those Pesky Numbers

If weight loss is anywhere on your spectrum of fitness goals, you have no doubt been introduced to a new arch enemy: the scale. One of the most frustrating moments in a fitness journey comes when you are eating clean, nailing your workouts, feeling great…and then you step onto the scale to no avail. No […]

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Milso Journey: Stage 5

Stage 5 is basically like this: married life is the best. Kelly and I became Mr. and Mrs. Schadegg on March 25, 2014 (which means we are less than one week away from our one year anniversary. Eeep!). We got married in a tiny little chapel in Annapolis, Maryland. The only people there were the officiant, […]

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Milso: Stage 4

So Stage 3 was a hot mess, right? Stage 4 (thank God) began the time in our relationship where we were much happier! We got engaged in June of 2013 during one of Kelly’s visits home. Like I said previously, his proposal wasn’t a big ordeal and it definitely wasn’t what I had imagined. Even […]

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Milso: Stage 3

Let me preface this by saying 2 things: 1) Stage 1 was tough. Stage 2 stunk. Stage 3 SUCKED. Worst period of our relationship by far. 2) This is gonna be a long one. 3) Most importantly, you need to know that I love my husband very much, + I always have. These stories and […]

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