Here’s the 411…

I’m a chronic over-sharer. I have a minimal filter and there’s very little I won’t disclose about my life to someone as long as I feel like they’re listening and interested. I love sharing stories, facts, and information with other people. So in honor of this morning, when I can’t go running because my butt is so sunburned (thanks expired sunblock!), here are some things you might (or might not) be interested to learn about me!

1. I have two tattoos (one on each shoulder) and I have at least three more planned (one for the inside of my arm, one for my ankle, and one for my side/back).

2. I’m completely terrified of needles, bugs with stingers, and popping balloons.

3. I am a total dog-lover. My husband and I have two dogs right now, both rescues, and I want a German Shepherd, Great Dane, and a Catahoula Leopard Dog at some point.

4. My current career goal is to open a franchise of the children’s fitness center I work for back home in the midwest.

5. The beach is my happy place! Living so close to a beach has been the single best thing about living in Maryland.

6. I’m truly an entrepreneur at heart–when I was little I was always creating some kind of business idea and now that I’m an adult, I not only have a day job, but I also work as a Beachbody coach and my husband and I are opening our own small crafting business together.

7. I love organization & list-making. I have to know where everything is at all times. Sometimes I even make lists for my lists.

8. I love dressing up. I would be happier wearing formal gowns and heels every day than jeans and a t shirt.

9. I never wanted kids until about a year ago.

10. I love cooking and baking, but I hate doing it by myself.

11. I’m a talker. I will talk to anyone about just about anything, and I love talking to other people when they need a shoulder to cry on or an unbiased opinion.

12. My biggest travel dream is to visit the Atlantis resort in Nassau, which I will be doing this summer on our cruise!

13. I very rarely drink soda, even on special occasions.

14. I have one younger sister by blood and a younger brother and sister by marriage. Since my sister is 20 now, I love that my brother and sister-in-law are younger so I get to be a big sister all over again!

15. I have a Bachelors of Science in Education (English ed), a minor in Creative Writing (poetry emphasis), and a KS teaching license. I also graduated first in my class in college.

16. My wardrobe is 90% yoga pants, sports bras, and t-shirts (which also happens to be my work uniform, in my defense).

17. If I could spend every penny I make on shoes, I would. Sandals, wedges, heels, tennis shoes, running shoes, boots…I own so many shoes that they’ve basically taken over the house.

18. I know a lot of words. I have a huge vocabulary and I rarely use descriptors that a normal person would choose to use.

19. Maryland is only the fourth place I’ve lived in my whole life–my parents sold our first house when I was about 4 and are still living in our other house to this day. I had an apartment in my college town and now I live in a townhouse in Maryland.

20. Feet gross me out. So do toes.

21. Football is my favorite sport. I love to watch it, and I watch it with a fervor.

22. Google is my best friend. I use Google probably 200 times a day, and I can’t count the number of times it has saved the day for me.

23. I’m also a chronic exaggerator. I guarantee if you know me you’ve heard me say “It’s like negative 48 degrees out here!” when it’s really like 25 degrees or ” I have 43 million things to do today!” when really I just need to hit the grocery store and run by Walmart.

24. I’m a very kinesthetic learner. I would rather just get something in my hands and figure out how to use it my own way than watch somebody else trying to explain it to me or use a manual.

25. I love my little Chevy car, but I can’t wait to own an SUV! I learned to drive in a pickup truck so driving a car for the last six years has been totally killing my vibe!

Happy Memorial Day, y’all. Take a moment to honor someone whose life was lost too soon because they were fighting for your freedom. Say thank you to someone you know who served or is serving today, and enjoy your day of freedom that was fought for so valiantly!



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